Be continuously informed of opportunities for gaining competitive advantage

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Welcome to Exertus Services Limited

Exertus was set up to accommodate the increased need for professional, direct consulting, required nowadays. The demanding market needs all to be continuously informed about opportunities and means of gaining competitive advantage over rivals. The only way to achieve this is to have the right partners with you. We consider ourselves part of our clients’ strategy, for them to evolve and leave their mark over their industry.

For achieving this high expectation we set up a system of professional services aimed at increasing the flexibility of organisations over their operations and expanding their investment opportunities.

Our services follow a strategic sequence that will benefit our clients. Starting from the establishment of an entity of any legal form, like Limited Liability Company, Investment Firm, Fund and Trust. Detailed examination is performed over tax planning options using Cyprus and any other jurisdiction for the companys' activities. Evaluation and review of business models, continuing support with business consulting and accounting support through our associate companies. Finally we provide continuing evaluation and review of European Funding opportunities for various operations of clients’ organisations.  

By combining our highly specialised work force along with our strong network of specialists we achieved an amalgam consultancy services that will add value to your business.







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