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Audit and Assurance Services

Exertus provides audit and assurance services to organisations incorporated in Cyprus. The extensive experience of the directors and their hands on approach on every engagement ensure top quality service at competitive prices. We regard audit as not just a statutory requirement but also as a tool to identify weaknesses and improve efficiency and profitability.

Feasibility Studies

We are in a position to provide the necessary resources in order for your business objectives to be met. In order for an investment to have good prospects and the investor to be in a position to take necessary decisions on where and how to invest, there must be proper analysis of the opportunities, weaknesses, strengths and threats.

Loans restructuring

Evaluation of credit facilities provided to operations of organizations. Analysis of cash flows repayments and application of appropriate credit limits based on organisations needs. Negotiation of credit and loan terms with all credit institutions.

Business process modelling

Through the analysis of tasks that take place throughout a business process we are able to report over the structures of business processes. The detailed analysis of critical business operations such as sales, marketing, production and logistics using flow charts and time records is a clear, holistic approach into understanding the effectiveness and efficiency of operations within your organization.

Productivity improvement

Productivity is simply a measure of the ratio between the output of a process and the input of resources needed for it. It is usually expressed as output divided by input. The interaction of various resources, processes, tasks, manpower and other factors on a case by case basis affect this ratio. In order to improve the productivity of your corporation we, at Exertus, apply a productivity improvement programme known as method of study.

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