European Funding Schemes

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European Regional policy aims at reducing the significant economic, social and territorial disparities that still exist between Europe's regions. Leaving these disparities in place would undermine some of the cornerstones of the EU, including its large single market and its currency, the Euro.

During the period 2007-2013 the EU will invest a total of €347 billion in Europe's regions. These funds are administered at regional level, national level or at European level.

European and Regional level - The funding helps, for example, to improve transport and internet links to remote regions, boost enterprises in disadvantaged areas, invest in a cleaner environment and improve education and skills. EU funding is also invested in innovation, developing new products and production methods, energy efficiency and tackling climate change.

National level - The Cyprus government administers European funds through the European structural funds schemes for Cyprus resident companies, with the purpose of channeling funds towards enhancing, among others, 1) research and development activities 2) improvement of productivity 3) promoting local industries 4) tackling unemployment.

Through the application of these schemes, corporations established in Cyprus can make use of these various schemes thus increasing the competitiveness even outside Cyprus, as these may be the case of operating overseas.

Incentives given can be summarized based on the theme they cover.


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