Leonardo Da Vinci programme

The Leonardo da Vinci Programme promotes the collaboration between institutions, agencies, organisations or companies of the European area that provide vocational education and training, and aims at improving the quality and attractiveness of vocational education and training in Europe.

Within the framework of the programme, mobility and collaboration projects are being funded, as well as training activities that take place in the 33 participating countries, meaning the 27 member countries of the EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, as well as the countries under accession, Croatia and Turkey.


Beneficiaries of the programme

  • institutions/organisations that provide vocational education and training
  • unions/representatives of people involved in vocational education and training
  • trade unions, parents and educators
  • companies/social partners/important bodies of the labour market
  • chambers of commerce and other vocational organisations
  • organisations that provide guidance and counseling for Lifelong Learning
  • institutions that are responsible for the systems and the policies of vocational education and training
  • research centers and organisations dealing with Lifelong Learning issues
  • higher education institutions
  • voluntary organisations
  • non-governmental organisations

Decentralised Actions

  • Individual mobility for education/training
    • people in the Initial Vocational Training (IVT)
    • people in Labour Market (PLM)
    • professional trainers in vocational education/training (VETPRO)

This action provides funding for the placement of people in an institution/organisation/company of another participating country for a period of vocational training. The project requires the collaboration of at least 2 training institutions, organisations or companies from 2 different countries. The selected project can be implemented within 2 years from its approval.

The beneficiaries receive the funding in the framework of a mobility project that is organized by the coordinating institution/organization/company. Individuals cannot apply alone for funding to the National Agency of their country.

The funding covers costs incurred up to a predetermined level for linguistic-cultural or pedagogical preparation expenses, travelling expenses and also living expenses of the beneficiaries, as well as  the organisation of mobility expenses that concern the coordinating body.




  • Partnerships between Institutions/organisations

This Action requires a cooperation of at least three institutions/training organisations /companies from three different countries, for the development of a common interest subject. In the framework of the action, the mobility is funded for the exchange of visits between the collaborating institutions/organisations/companies, for the processing and development of the subject. The duration of the partnership is two years.

Each partner from the collaborative institutions/organisations is funded by the National Agency of its own country with a lump sum, on the basis of the minimum number of mobilities that are about to be realised.

  • Multilateral Projects of Transfer of Innovation between organisations/institutions

This action is funding the transfer and adjustment of innovative methods, content and results that concern the Vocational Education and Training, which were developed from previous projects and programmes, or are successfully applied in other countries, at national, regional, local or sectoral level.

The Transfer of Innovation projects foresee the cooperation of at least three institutions/ organisations from three different countries and the duration can be 1 or 2 years. The maximum amount of funding by the EU, reaches 75% of the total actual cost of the project and, in any case, it cannot exceed the 125.000 Euro per year. The application for funding is submitted by the coordinating institution/organisation at the National Agency of its country.

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