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Feasibility Studies

We are in a position to provide the necessary resources in order for your business objectives to be met. In order for an investment to have good prospects and the investor to be in a position to take necessary decisions on where and how to invest, there must be proper analysis of the opportunities, weaknesses, strengths and threats.

We will assist you in taking informed business decisions through the provision of feasibility studies through financial projections, statistical analysis, cost/benefits analysis, measuring legal and economic factors. We apply the use of economic evaluation of Investments through the application, among others, of Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Net Present Value (NPV) methods, and simultaneously, we collect market information related to business operations, we evaluate current market trends and we apply them to your business projections. We do not guarantee 100% of risk tolerance, we only point out all obvious and hidden risks surrounding an investment decision helping you form a business strategy to success.

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