Programmes for initial training in Cyprus


Design, organization and implementation of training programmes by the enterprises themselves to cover their own needs, initial training of newly recruited staff. Basic Provisions covers the needs of enterprises for initial training of newly recruited personnel to acquire basic knowledge and skills required for efficient handling of his work. The programmes can be implemented by educators who are employees of the undertaking or by other trainers, from Cyprus or abroad. (Request for obtaining relevant authorisation.) The application must be received by the HRDA at least three (3) calendar weeks prior to the start of the programme.

Funding provided

The funding covers all costs incurred for the implementation and organization of the training programme.

Level of funding

♦ 60% for large corporations

♦ 70% for SME’s

♦ 80% for small companies

Costs covered

♦ Costs of the trainer (i.e. salary if the trainer is from the applicant or fees charged by third party)

♦ Travelling costs of trainer (i.e. air tickets and hotel accommodation)

♦ Operating costs (rent of seminar room, stationery etc)

♦ Salaries of trainees

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