Grant scheme for young entrepreneurship

The project aims at developing, supporting and promoting the entrepreneurship of young people who are residents of Cyprus (20-39 years old) and who wish to do business in any economic activity, making use of their knowledge and their talent.

The aim is to achieve the use of incentives in the form of financial aid for the creation of new and sustainable enterprises. Particular emphasis will be given to the use of new technologies, the use of innovative methods of production and promotion of products and services, the development of entrepreneurship in the field of the environment and in general, the promotion of modern business, in order to create dynamic, competitive enterprises.

Sponsorship which will be granted for eligible plans amount to 50% over the cost of the eligible investment (equipment, configuration, training, promotion, capital), with a maximum sponsorship amount per enterprise the € 70,000 and € 50,000 for manufacturing activities and other activities respectively.

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