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Productivity improvement

Productivity is simply a measure of the ratio between the output of a process and the input of resources needed for it. It is usually expressed as output divided by input. The interaction of various resources, processes, tasks, manpower and other factors on a case by case basis affect this ratio. In order to improve the productivity of your corporation we, at Exertus, apply a productivity improvement programme known as method of study.

It comprises a series of six steps which lead to the development of new and improved ways of doing a job.

Challenge --> Record --> Question --> Develop --> Apply --> Measure

Through this process we are in a position to assess the current level of activities and the way they interact with each other, thus enabling us to intervene, add or remove activities, process jobs that cause delays and add costs to your current way of doing business. Increasing your organisation’s productivity adds value to your business and you are gaining a competitive advantage.

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