Research and Development

The objective is the promotion of scientific and technological research and innovation.

At a national level, this first category aims primarily at enhancing research, technological development and innovation activities in Cyprus and moreover at increasing the critical mass of researchers and research projects undertaken in Cyprus.

Examples include - 

  1. Funding of a  percentage of costs incurred for the infrastructure necessary for the development of a research centre. Grants are provided for costs made for new buildings, machinery, and information technology equipment.
  2. Developing new products, new software, new methods of production. Grants are provided for costs of machinery used, salary of researchers, sub-contractors
  3. Developing cooperation among research institutions, or researchers on an individual basis and companies operating in various industries.
  4. Employing researchers. Grants cover a significant part of the salary necessary for a Phd student to be employed by organisations operating in Cyprus.

There are several grants that focus on enabling Cyprus based SMEs to achieve their research & development plans. These include both national and European schemes. Exertus specialises in research and development grant schemes, so if your business is engaged in R&D, or you are planning a R&D project, contact us to make your ambitions a reality.

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