New Infrastructure

The "New Multi-beneficiary Infrastructure" Action aims at enhancing the capacity of the research community of Cyprus in implementing high level research through the creation of new research infrastructures, which can be exploited by a large number of users. The phenomenon of significant research infrastructures purchased in the frame of a project being underused for long periods of time is frequently observed. The problem is exacerbated when the investment required is very high for the financial capacity of many organisations and the "useful life" of the equipment is limited due to the rapid evolution of the relevant technology. Therefore, this Action seeks to maximize the use of research infrastructures by the largest possible number of researchers (Organisations-Users), as it is envisaged that this will contribute positively to the optimal use of resources that the state is investing for the modernisation and upgrading of research infrastructures of Cyprus. In addition, the RPF expects that the projects of the Action, beyond the option that they will give to research institutes and enterprises to acquire the proposed infrastructure, they will also have a positive influence towards the creation of networks of cooperation from similar and / or complementary research groups in the private and public sector.

Budget of the Present Call

The total budget of the present Call is 2.000.000 Euro.

Funding per Project

The maximum funding per project is set at 500.000 Euro.

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