Participation in Joint European Projects

The general objective of the «Participation in Joint European Projects» action is to improve the quality of life and competitiveness of the Cypriot economy through the development of cooperation and networking of the Cypriot research organisations and enterprises with organizations from other European countries. The 12th Joint Call of Proposals of CORNET for collective research projects aims to raise awareness among Cypriot enterprises and business associations regarding the necessity of collective research projects in order to solve common technological problems and serve common research needs. Additionally, the 12th Joint Call of Proposals, aims to develop cooperation between enterprises and Cypriot research organisations and networking with organisations from abroad. Proposals which will be submitted under this Call of Proposals should be related with the precompetitive needs of business associations’ members.

Budget of the Present Call

The total budget of the present Call is 200.000 Euros It is noted that, participating organisations will be funded from their national / regional funding agency in accordance to their national / regional rules. More information can be found on Annex II of the Current Call and CORNET’s website

Funding per Project

The maximum funding per project for Cypriot Partners amounts to 100.000 Euros.

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