Promoting International collaboration - Participation in FP7 Proposals

The participation of Cyprus in the Framework Programmes (FP) for Research and Technological Development of the European Union (EU) is encouraging. The success of Cypriot organisations amounts mainly to their participation into a significant number of proposals and projects and, to securing funds for the implementation of research projects in collaboration with other European organisations. Despite this important success, the weakness of Cypriot organisations to assume a leading role within European networks in submitting successful proposals has been observed. Encouraging the participation of Cypriot organisations in the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) (2007-2013) activities is a priority task of both the Government of Cyrpus and the RPF. The RPF, as the organisation responsible for promoting FP7 in Cyprus, has developed a series of activities in order to support the participation of research institutes and enterprises. Within this context, the RPF announces since 2003 a Specific Action to facilitate the participation of Cypriot organisations in Framework Programmes.

Budget of the present Call

The total budget of the present Call is 80.000 Euro.

Funding per Application

The maximum funding per application cannot exceed 10.000 Euro.

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