Corporate Tax Planning

Today, globalisation characterises the modern economy and sets the rules under which corporations operate. It becomes vital to be able to control and minimise your tax liability. Tax planning will offer you the opportunity to provide amounts for other expenses, even of an investment nature, thus increasing your company’s competitiveness.

We assist you in providing a proper and high value tax planning for your corporation. Based on the nature, the volume and complexity of your activities we can implement various strategies in order to minimise tax liability.

International Tax Planning

The basis for tax planning on an international level is the existing differences in the tax systems of several countries and the interaction between the various tax systems. Especially in the case of companies operating in more than one jurisdiction the chances of having double taxation increases, creating limitations as to the cross-border investments and trading. The choice of the right jurisdictions to operate, either onshore or offshore, is essential for the effectiveness of managing the various costs relating to the effective tax paid.

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